Wednesday, November 23, 2011

File Carving!

By Christiaan Beek.

File Carving’ or sometimes simply "carving", is the process of extracting a collection of data from a larger data set. Data carving techniques frequently occur during a digital investigation when the unallocated file system space is analyzed to extract files. There are many carving techniques and tools available that can be used to investigate disk/removable-media images. For example after many years, an update of the famous carving tool 'Scalpel' was just released.

However these tools are not by default useful when investigating a dump from a cell-phone because every mobile-phone vendor has its own way for storing data into the phone memory. There's even a difference between the phone models. A different approach and development of tools is necessary.

For reading more about file carving basics,techniques and challenges, read my new whitepaper:

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