Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Face Smack: A CSAW CTF Challenge

By Brad Antoniewicz.

For the last couple of years, I've had the pleasure to help out with and judge NYU Poly CSAW's CTF, the largest student-run Capture the Flag competition is the United States (probably bigger). It is always a really an awesome experience, and I encourage you to participate if you have a chance - Qualification Round is September 19th!

Last year, I wrote a challenge called FaceSmack (a.k.a. FunForEveryBody) and wanted to publish it for you to play with. The goal of the challenge is to obtain the key (in format: key{key here}) by clicking buttons in a specific order. The order can be reversed out of the binary - with enough dedication. On average, it's taken people between 4-10 hours to get it.

If you start to play around with the challenge you'll notice each button click causes a change in the way a sentence is formed, you know when you got it right because the status message will read "The key Is key{some sentence}" instead of "The key is NOT key{some sentence}".


Special props to team PPP for being the first to solve it! Those guys are rockstars! Enjoy!

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