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Open Security Research includes posts from a variety of authors throughout the industry. Our regular authors are those who've posted two or more articles. Here's some more information about them:

Note: All content on Open Security Research is the author's own opinion and does not in any way reflect the thoughts of Foundstone or the Open Security Research Project.

Brad Antoniewicz

Brad Antoniewicz works as part of Foundstone's research division. He's the contributing author to Hacking Exposed and Hacking Exposed: Wireless, and has authored various whitepapers, tools and methodologies.

Twitter: @foundstone and @brad_anton

Tony Lee

Tony Lee lives in the Baltimore/Washington area and has more than nine years of professional experience pursuing his passion in all areas of information security. He believes in sharing knowledge with the security community and strangely enough enjoys writing as frequent blogger and contributing author to Hacking Exposed 7. As an avid educator, Tony has instructed thousands of students at many venues worldwide, including government, universities, corporations, and conferences such as Black Hat.


Robert Portvliet

Robert Portvliet is a senior consultant and network security service line lead for Foundstone. He is also the primary instructor and course steward for Foundstone’s Ultimate Hacking: Wireless and Ultimate Hacking: Expert classes, and has taught Ultimate Hacking: Wireless at Blackhat USA 2011 and 2012. He specializes in network and wireless penetration testing, as well as firewall, router, and network architecture reviews. Robert has given talks on wireless research at conferences such as Defcon and Phreaknic. Robert lives with his wife and a menagerie of cats in New Jersey, and enjoys mountain biking, motorcycling and music in his spare time.

Twitter: @rportvliet

Melissa Augustine

Melissa works out of Foundstone's EMEA region, performing Forensics Investigations as well as Malware and Network Threat Analysis. She has spent extensive time researching malware and conducting analysis for customers during an incident as well as for a professional interest. This includes memory analysis, of which she has a particular interest. Melissa has extensive experience investigating network traffic to determine possible malicious activity within a Combatant Command using both historical and current threats to help further define scope.

Twitter: @sk3tchymoos3

Gursev Singh Kalra

Gursev Singh Kalra works with Foundstone, McAfee as a Principal. He has performed extensive security research on CAPTCHAs and the OData protocol. His research has been voted among top ten web hacking techniques for 2011 and 2012 by judges and the security community. He has written tools like TesserCap, SSLSmart, Oyedata, clipcaptcha and authored several security related whitepapers. He has also spoken at conferences like BlackHat, ToorCon, OWASP, NullCon, Infosec Southwest etc...

Twitter: @igursev

Paul Ambrosini

Paul Ambrosini is a senior consultant at Foundstone and resident Android guru. When Paul isn't flashing his multitude of devices with nightly builds he's hacking away at websites and tinkering with the latest CTF.

Twitter: @cl4r1ty

Tushar Dalvi

Tushar Dalvi is a security enthusiast, and as a Security and Professional Services consultant at Foundstone, specializes in the area of application security. He enjoys web application penetration testing and helps in research work at Foundstone. Tushar also has an avid interest in digital photography and maintains a tiny photo blog.

In 5 keywords: Security, Programming, Photography, Sports, Security.

Twitter: @tushardalvi

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